No-Knead Bread Recipes

No-knead bread makes for a simple bread recipe that is delicious and well worth the wait. Find our top 30 no-knead bread recipes and tips.

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Dutch Oven Caraway Rye Bread

Rating: 4.5 stars 26
No-fail and easy to make, no kneading, no double-rise. Caraway rye bread the way you like it! Perfect every time.

Whole Wheat and Steel-Cut Oats Bread - A Long-Fermentation Bread

Rating: 3.5 stars 7
This is a no-knead bread recipe that I put together using ideas from other recipes and my own variations. During the long fermentation period, the grains soften and swell to give the bread a wholesome and satisfying flavor and texture. It has a chewy crust that is crispy when toasted and a soft crumb. This bread is more convenient because it can be mixed one day and baked the next day when you have time. The long fermentation releases the nutrients of the grain and enhances the flavor of the bread.

No-Knead Whole Wheat Bread with Sorghum Flour

This is a yummy variation of no-knead artisan bread with whole wheat and sorghum flours. Even if you are not an expert baker, no-knead bread is easy to make and all you need is a Dutch oven.
By babuschka

Artisan No-Knead Bread with Amaranth

This was my first time baking with amaranth and I am totally sold on its nutty flavor. I prefer baking no-knead breads in a Dutch oven, mostly cause it's so easy and produces a great crust! This recipe makes one large loaf, which I usually cut in the middle to freeze half.

Effortless Rustic Bread

Rating: 4.5 stars 20
This is the easiest recipe for rustic bread I've ever seen. Luckily it is also the yummiest rustic loaf recipe. Feel free to halve the recipe if you only want one loaf, but beware: it's so addictive you may wish you'd just baked both loaves.

English Muffin Loaves

Rating: 4.5 stars 87
This is an easy yeast bread--no kneading required! The texture is like English muffins, great for toasting.
By Allrecipes Member

Gluten-Free Sourdough Raisin Bread

Rating: 5 stars 2
Cinnamon raisin bread made with gluten-free sourdough starter discard instead of commercial yeast. I made this recipe during the Covid-19 lockdown when yeast had disappeared from the supermarkets. This light and fluffy loaf is very easy to make because there is no kneading; it is more of a batter than a dough. This bread is delicious toasted.

No-Knead Skillet Olive Bread

Rating: 4.5 stars 8
No-knead skillet olive bread is a very easy to make, no-knead, crusty, and delicious bread packed with marinated olives and garlic.

Slow Cooker Bread

Rating: 4.5 stars 17
Bread made in the slow cooker actually turns out a decent loaf, and it's very easy because this is a no-knead recipe. It is also quick because it requires only one rise; the second rise happens in the slow cooker.   Adding seeds or rolled oats not only adds flavor, it also makes it easier to release the bread from the slow cooker.

No-Knead Country Bread

Rating: 4.5 stars 36
This delicious and gorgeous loaf is part recipe, part science experiment, and part fun family project when you're all stuck in the house together looking for things to do. Even though it takes many, many hours, the texture you get is just incredible. Spread with butter and jam, if desired.

Better-Than-Bakery No-Knead Sourdough

Rating: 4.5 stars 40
This crusty, chewy, tangy bread can't be beat. You'll be shocked at how simple it is to create such a professional loaf at home. Glossy, crunchy crust. Resilient, airy crumb. Baking inside a Dutch oven (set in your kitchen oven) does an excellent job simulating the effects of a professional bread oven.

Chef John's Whole Wheat Ciabatta

Rating: 5 stars 22
I decided to give the old no-knead ciabatta a higher-fiber makeover. Since I don't have much whole wheat baking experience, I did what any good chef would do: I didn't do any research and just tried to figure it out. I was quite happy with the taste and texture, and going 50/50 with the all-purpose flour provided just enough of that crusty, chewy 'normal' bread experience.

Inspiration and Ideas

No-Knead Artisan-Style Bread
Rating: Unrated 364
"Very forgiving recipe! I am not an experienced baker and did about everything wrong. While my loaf wasn't very high, the flavor was outstanding. Will make again!" – bebe
Tips For No-Knead Bread
You still need to plan ahead—but this method is so easy.
No-Knead Artisan Style Bread
Rating: 4.5 stars 361

This is a very easy bread to make without any kneading. Bake in a Dutch oven or heavy casserole dish. The bread comes out very crusty and with huge holes throughout, just like at the bakery.