Will we be ditching soda forever after this?

TikTok has created some pretty interesting trends, like pickles in Kool-Aid and watermelon covered in mustard. So, finding out that TikTokers are mixing balsamic vinegar and sparkling water and calling it a "healthier Coke," should not have come as a surprise. And yet, it certainly did.

The trend started when @mandyvjones posted a TikTok explaining that her Pilates instructor makes the concoction almost every day as a "healthy alternative to a Coke." She combines balsamic vinegar and a Guava São Paulo La Croix — although she says you can use any flavor of sparkling water.

The video brought in over 4 million views and has triggered responses from hundreds of TikTokers who are trying the trend to see if it really does taste like Coke.

Believe it or not, the concept of putting vinegar in sparkling water isn't anything new. Stores, like Trader Joe's, sell flavored sparkling water combined with juice and white vinegar or apple cider vinegar. And shrubs have been around since the 17th century.

shrub is a fruit- and vinegar-infused syrup that can be used in other beverages. Many people like to use shrubs in cocktails, mocktails, or simply to flavor plain sparkling water. A shrub typically uses white vinegar or apple cider vinegar, which then requires some kind of fruit, sugar, or something else to sweeten it.

So by using a sweeter vinegar like balsamic, you're eliminating the need for added sugars — which is what makes this drink better for you.

But does it actually taste like a Coke? We tried them side-by-side to test it out.

TikTok Balsamic Vinegar "Coke" Taste Test

Glass of balsamic vinegar and La Croix "healthy Coke"
Credit: Nicole McLaughlin

To start, there are no measurements involved in this drink, so we just eyeballed everything. We started with a good drizzle of balsamic vinegar followed by an entire can of Berry La Croix — we didn't use Guava because the original user said this drink will work with any flavor of sparkling water.

Upon mixing the ingredients, the original user is correct, it does look like a Coke. However, a lot of things can look like Coke and not taste like one. 

After taste testing it, we can confirm that it does not, in fact, taste like a Coke. Upon a side-by-side taste comparison, you know which one is the Coke immediately. The Coke is much sweeter and has that crisp taste that's unmistakable. This combo just tastes like fruity sparkling water with a hint of sweet vinegar. 

That being said, it's not bad. It's definitely not as sweet as Coke, but if it has a nice tangy fruity flavor with a hint of sweetness that kept us coming back for more. And if you're trying to quit soda but still want a sweet, bubbly beverage, this may be able to quell your craving.