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Powering Machine Learning-Driven Product Management

Capital One ML Program Advances Product Management


Advancing Capital One's Products and Customer Experiences

Rob Pulciani Discusses New Role as Capital One’s Chief Product Officer, Enterprise Services

Machine Learning

Illuminating the Value — and Earning Users’ Trust — in AI

Trust-Enhancing Strategies for AI


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Jennifer Chu

Software Engineer
Machine learning is already enabling us to reduce friction and provide a topnotch experience for customers. When it comes to navigating and transacting in the online world, it will be important to continue finding ways to make it effortless while also helping people stay more secure and confident.
Improving Virtual Card Numbers with Edge Machine Learning

Shekhar Damle

VP, Business Analysis
"What if we added a layer of intelligence on top of our applications, with a tool that monitors and pulls application data and determines not just that customers are unable to complete transactions, but why. And if it does so in real-time, and informs the appropriate engineers so that they can take corrective action, couldn't incidents be resolved in a fraction of the time."
Automated Detection, Diagnosis & Remediation of App Failure